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Product Description:

ARL LOOP exhaust extraction system is the most flexible and universal solution for removal of exhaust gases directly from the source of emission that allows free movement of the vehicle inside the repair shop, garage or production workshop. ARL LOOP system allows you to work with multiple vehicles simultaneously, while carriages follow their straight path from the entry point of the area to its exit. When vehicle is ready to leave – just disconnect the nozzle and the carriage will automatically return by the loop and return rail to the beginning of the system ready to work with next arrived vehicle. ARL LOOP extraction system must be connected to an appropriate fan or suitable central extraction system.


Delivery package includes extraction rail with all mountings and fittings required for installation.



  • Modular design

  • Automatic return of the carriage

  • No additional space required

  • Easy installation

  • Allows us to serve multiple moving vehicles

  • 100% vehicle exhaust extraction



  • Garages

  • Inspection areas

  • Car maintenance stations

  • Engine testing sites

  • Car production lines

  • Service depots

Delivery package:

ARL LOOP rail extraction system consists of 7 main elements of which only rail track is included in the package. It is a flexible engineering solution therefore such components as carriages, balancers, exhaust hoses and nozzles must be selected according to the certain application and be ordered separately. Standard delivery package includes only the set of extraction rails of respective length with all mountings and fittings that are required for proper installation. The standard distance between the rail track and return rail is 2100 mm, if another distance or non-standard length of rail is required then additional items should be ordered.

Included in the package:


  • Rail track with rubber lips


To be specified and ordered:

  • Loop track

  • Return track

  • Exhaust hose

  • Exhaust nozzle

  • Balancer

  • Carriage

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