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ARM Reel

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Product Description:

ARM reel is the most efficient solution for truck, bus and vehicle repair boxes, or any other garage or industrial facility with high ceiling. With a click of a button an electric motor reels the hose and nozzle, to the exact position where the operator needs it. This is one of our best sellers! It brings a tide and well organized workshop, with the hose and nozzle safety stores, when not in use. ARM exhaust reels are installed on the wall, ceiling or swing arm to the maximum reach area. The ARM either operates as a stand-alone unit equipped with its own pre-selected fan or connected to a centralized ventilation system.



  • Big reach area

  • Automatic reel

  • No additional space required

  • Easy installation

  • Robust and reliable design

  • Wide selection of hoses and nozzles


Industries and Applications:

  • Engine production

  • Engine testing facilities

  • Car repair shop

  • Service stations

  • Inspection posts

  • Transport depots

  • Garages

  • Military vehicle depots

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