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ARS Reel

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Product Description:

ARS reel is an easy and efficient solution for removing the exhaust fumes from garages or any stationary workplace. When the reel is not in use, the hose and nozzle are safely stored away, offering a free and clean work area. The reliable spring mechanism of the ARS, ensures a long and trouble free use with a low cost of ownership. The reel is easily installed directly on the wall, ceiling or on a swing arm to increase the working area, the ARS hose reel either operates as stand-alone unit with its own pre-selected fan or is connected to a centralized ventilation



  • Big reach area

  • Long service life

  • No additional space required

  • Easy installation

  • Robust and reliable design

  • Wide selection of hoses and nozzles


Industries and Applications:

  • Car repair shops

  • Service stations

  • Inspection posts

  • Transport depots

  • Garages

  • Military vehicle depots

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