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CCT Downdraft Extraction Table


Technical characteristics:

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 6.32.11 AM.png

Product Description:


Modular CCT downdraft tables are designed for fumes and combustion product extraction during thermal cutting of metal sheets. CCT is suitable for plasma, laser, gas and other types of thermal cutting applications. The table has modular design and consists of standard CCT-modules. The range of CCT-modules includes the ones with different length and width, thus providing the possibility to build a table of required size. Filter units and extraction fans are required for operation and must be ordered separately. Their types depend on the table size and parameters of cutting applications.



  • Modular design and flexible solution

  • Reliable pneumatic components

  • Reduced airflow capacity required

  • Easy installation


  • All types of metal thermal cutting (plasma, laser, gas etc)




  • Not suitable for operation in presence of explosive or combustible materials in the air

  • Not suitable for extraction of aggressive vapors and gases

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