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CNC Oil Mist Filtration Unit

Oils and coolant liquids are widely used for various types of metal working applications. While these substances are harmless in liquid form, they can be toxic and hazardous when turned into smoke and mists. Long exposure to these contaminants could result in serious health problems for employees.

The risk of fire makes oil mist capturing essential for industrial safety. Oil fumes condense the surfaces of the equipment and significantly increase the risk of smoldering or ignition.

Extraction and filtration of oil mist is one of the most difficult types of pollution control due to their stickiness and chemical properties.

SovPlym self-cleaning filter elements offer a long lifetime, increasing productivity and reducing maintenance costs. Bringing significant cost savings and reducing your environmental footprint.

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Product Description:

Mist Magician (MM) is designed for stationary installation, directed on a machine tool with no need for ducting or additional use of floor space. The filter will effectively collect coolant smoke or mist from the machine process, and if necessary, return the recovered coolant back to the machine. The filter unit is provided with a number of options for a quick and easy installation.




  • Efficient filtration of oil mist and light smoke

  • Return the recovered coolant back to the machine

  • Indicator showing clogging level

  • Easy replacement filter cartridge

  • Compact, lightweight design

  • Quick and easy installation at low cost

  • Low energy consumption

  • Low operating costs

  • Fan os mounted directly on the filter



  • All types of CNC machines that use oil based coolants and generate oil mist and fumes during the operation.



  • Not recommended for processes and applications with large amounts of smoke.

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