DCA -P- 200 Soldering Fume Extraction Unit

Product Description:

DCA-P-200 is a portable mechanical filter unit designed for temporary extraction of welding and soldering fumes and light dust of low concentration. It is well suited for occasional works and temporary workplaces.

Low weight of the DCA-P-200 unit allows to easily move it from one workstation to another if needed therefore providing great flexibility and economy in comparison with stationary ventilation solutions.



  • Simple and robust design

  • Low weight, portable

  • Reduced levels of noise

  • 220V plug and play unit

  • Delivered with carbon filter

  • Compatible with extraction arms of small diameters


Industries and applications:

  • Occasional welding processes

  • Light dust extraction

  • Soldering


  • Unsuited for explosive or combustible substances

  • Not suitable for continuous operation and for high-intensity applications

  • Not suitable for materials that tend to smolder or self-ignite

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