DCSC-S Self Cleaning Filter

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Product Description:

Modular self-cleaning DCSC-S filter units are specially designed for cleaning of air from aerosols emitted during thermal metal cutting applications and welding, as well as from other types of non-sticky and non-combustible dust or fume particles.

DCSC-S is intended for indoor operation as a part of air extraction and cleaning systems. The unit is equipped with a highly efficient compressed air pulse filter cleaning system. Connection to external compressed air supply is required. Additional cleaning efficiency is provided by special air splitters inserts installed in each of the filter cartridges of the unit.

Modular design of the filter unit allows you to easily build the DCSC-S unit of the required capacity and size. Standard modules and fittings ensure simple assembly and installation procedures.



  • Modular design

  • Easy assembly and installation

  • Simple change to filter cartridges

  • High filtration efficiency

  • Effective air cleaning system

  • Compatible with different types of filter media


Industries and applications:

  • Metal works

  • Engineering

  • Chemical

  • Metallurgy

  • Welding processes

  • Ore mining



  • Unsuited for explosive or combustible substances

  • Not suitable for materials that tend to smolder or self-ignite 

Delivery Set / Standard Kit info:

  • Control panel(s)

  • Filter body (consists of sBM-2 and sBM-4 modules)

  • sCAF pneumatic kit

  • Filter cartridges (quantity and type depending on the exact model of filter unit)

  • Inlet/outlet fittings

  • sMFA hopper

  • Floor support (legs)

  • sDB-60-250 dust collector 60l (quantity depends on the exact model of filter unit)

  • Regulation damper (quantity depends on the exact filter unit)

  • sVMO oil separator with gauge and pressure reduction box

  • sDNMP100 differential gauge with bracket

  • Mounting bracket for sCONT control panel



  • Extraction fan

  • Fan starter/ soft start device/ frequency converter

  • Air compressor

  • Prefilters BPF

  • Control panel stand

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