ESP-5000 Electrostatic Filters

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Product Description:

Electrostatic filters of ESP-5000 series are designed for filtration and cleaning of aerosols of dry and solid substances, welding fumes of low concentration and fine non-metallic dusts with particle sizes down to 0,05 microns. ESP-5000 filters are equipped with an alarm system that controls the condition of filter elements. In addition to long-life electrostatic filtration system, ESP-5000 units are supposed to be used with two standard 200mm extraction arms, which are ordered separately. ESP-5000 units are suitable for continuous indoor operation under the following environmental conditions: ambient temperature from +10 to +45°C and relative humidity of 80% at 25°C.



  • Built-in alarm system

  • Low lifetime costs

  • Wall-hanging, less space needed

  • Washable filtration cells

  • Additional carbon filter (option)

  • Compatible with all standard extraction arms



  • Welding processes

  • Dust extraction

  • Soldering



  • Not suitable for extraction of any type of metallic dust

  • Not suitable for continuous operation and for high-intensity applications

  • Not suitable for welding fume extraction of aluminum or other non-ferrous metals

Delivery package:

  • Inlet chamber

  • Ionization cell (2pcs)

  • Pre-filter (2 pcs)

  • Blowout output filter (2 pcs)

  • Mounting flange for VMA fan

  • Precipitation cell (2 pcs)

  • Control panel (including fan starter and thermal relay)

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