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Product Description:

ESPO are high performance filters for capturing of oil smoke with particles down to 0,05 microns. It works according to the principle of electrostatic precipitation. A unique solution for cleaning air containing extremely small oil particles. The heavy duty electrostatic cells have an extremely long life and require an absolute minimum of maintenance as they don’t need any normal filter replacement.

ESPO is designed for 1-2 work shifts.



  • Specialized oil smoke filtration unit

  • Initial pollutant concentration up to 40 mg/m3

  • Suitable for processes with smoke from strong heating oil

  • Suitable for thick oil (high kinematic viscosity)

  • Do not require replacement of filter elements

  • Built-in alarm for filter clogging

  • Comes with a special detergent for washing electrostatic cassettes


Processes and applications:

  • Heat treatment

  • Cold-drawing

  • Forging operations and cold pressing



  • Not suitable for processes with metal grinding or any use of oils containing metal particles

  • Requires emulsions with minimum 5% oil content

  • Not suitable for oils with a flash point below 150 °C

  • Operations including water steam

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