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Product Description:


Portable filter DCA-P-300 for two desktop exhaust devices or hoses. The filter is designed to clean the air from smoke and low concentration of dust. Short-term use on welding, for example, in cases of carrying out small repair work is allowed.



Product Description:


Mobile mechanical self-cleaning filters of DCSC-M-5 series are intended for local capturing and cleaning of air from aerosols and dust particles, formed during welding, grinding, polishing of different materials and similar applications. Filters are designed for permanent and temporary workplaces in workshops of various industrial facilities, laboratories, training and certification facilities, and others.

DCSC -M-6 (PMSF-6) -584x1024.png


Product Description:


DCSC-M-6 (PMSF-6) units (without built-in compressor) and DCSC-M-6-K (PMSF-6-K) units (with built-in compressor) are designed for local removal and purification of air from aerosols and dust particles generated during welding, cleaning, grinding of metals, as well as similar types of processing various materials.

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