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Stationary filters



Product Description:


Stationary wall mounted filter unit DCA-W is designed for extraction and cleaning of welding and soldering fumes as well as for fine dust generated by grinding processes. DCA-W is intended for indoor operation as a part of air extraction and cleaning systems. In addition to long-life filtration cassettes, DCA-W can be equipped with additional carbon filter cartridges to absorb gaseous substances and odors.


DCSC-S Self Cleaning Filter

Product Description:


Modular self-cleaning DCSC-S filter units are specially designed for cleaning of air from aerosols emitted during thermal metal cutting applications and welding, as well as from other types of non-sticky and non-combustible dust or fume particles.

DCSC-S is intended for indoor operation as a part of air extraction and cleaning systems. The unit is equipped with a highly efficient compressed air pulse filter cleaning system. Connection to external compressed air supply is required. Additional cleaning efficiency is provided by special air splitters inserts installed in each of the filter cartridges of the unit.


ESP-5000 Electrostatic Filters

Product Description:


Electrostatic filters of ESP-5000 series are designed for filtration and cleaning of aerosols of dry and solid substances, welding fumes of low concentration and fine non-metallic dusts with particle sizes down to 0,05 microns. ESP-5000 filters are equipped with an alarm system that controls the condition of filter elements. In addition to long-life electrostatic filtration system, ESP-5000 units are supposed to be used with two standard 200mm extraction arms, which are ordered separately. ESP-5000 units are suitable for continuous indoor operation under the following environmental conditions: ambient temperature from +10 to +45°C and relative humidity of 80% at 25°C.



Product Description:


ESPOs are high performance filters for capturing oil smoke with particles down to 0,05 microns. It works according to the principle of electrostatic precipitation. A unique solution for cleaning air containing extremely small oil particles. The heavy duty electrostatic cells have an extremely long life and require an absolute minimum of maintenance as they don’t need any normal filter replacement. ESPO is designed for 1-2 work shifts.


PU-800 Bag Dust Collector

Product Description:


Robust and compact PU Dust Collector, equipped with cleanable bag filters, is designed for extraction of coarse and fine dust from various metalwork applications such as sharpening, grinding and blasting. It is also suitable for other types of applications for extraction of dry, non-explosive and non-sticky dust. Filtration efficiency of PU Dust Collector for the coarse dust is up to 92%.

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