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Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

We offer  :   compact  I Drop unit and various exhaust extraction systems



Product Description:


ARL LOOP exhaust extraction system is the most flexible and universal solution for removal of exhaust gases directly from the source of emission that allows free movement of the vehicle inside the repair shop, garage or production workshop. ARL LOOP system allows you to work with multiple vehiles simultaneously, while carriages follow their straight path from the entry point of the area to its exit. When vehicle is ready to leave – just disconnect the nozzle and the carriage will automatically return by the loop and return rail to the beginning of the system ready to work with next arrived vehicle. ARL LOOP extraction system must be connected to an appropriate fan or suitable central extraction system.


ARM Reel

Product Description:


ARM reel is the most efficient solution for truck, bus and vehicle repair boxes, or any other garage or industrial facility with high ceiling. With a click of a button an electric motor reels the hose and nozzle, to the exact position where the operator needs it. This is one of our best sellers! It brings a tide and well organized workshop, with the hose and nozzle safety stores, when not in use. ARM exhaust reels are installed on the wall, ceiling or swing arm to the maximum reach area. The ARM either operates as a stand-alone unit equipped with its own pre-selected fan or connected to a centralized venrilation system.


ARS Reel

Product Description:


ARS reel is an easy and efficient solution for removing the exhaust fumes from garages or any stationary workplace. When the reel is not in use, the hose and nozzle are safely stored away, offering a free and clean work area. The reliable spring mechanism of the ARS ensures long and trouble free use with a low cost of ownership. The reel is easily installed direct on the wall, ceiling or on a swing arm to increase the working area, the ARS hose reel either operates as stand-alone unit with its own pre-selected fan or is connected to a centralized ventilation



Product Description:


ARST straight-rail exhaust extraction system is a popular and effective solution for garages, transport depots and other facilities where vehicles have to move along straight paths of a certain length in closed premises. ARST system is also an ideal solution for service stations where extraction from multiple stationary service posts arranged in a row is required. Exhaust extraction system must be connected to an appropriate fan or suitable central extraction system.


Compact I Drop Unit

Product Description:


The compact IDrop unit is a good solution for small workshops and repair boxes with stationary working places. Consisting of the nozzle and extraction hose supported by balancer it allows to pull out and lock the needed length of the hose. When the work is finished and nozzle is disconnected from the vehicle, a quick pull of the hose will unlock the balancer and return the hose to it’s start position.


SP-HOSE-300 Exhaust Gas


Product Description:


Flexible heat-resistant hoses are used for exhaust extraction. The hose is made of durable material, resistant to chemical effects and deformations, with temperature resistance up to +300°C. Available in different diameters. Consult your local SovPlym distributor.

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