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WT-CCZ-1200 Downdraft Table


Technical characteristics:

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 6.41.27 AM.png

Product Description:

WT-CCZ-1200 is a professional welding and grinding workstation that effectively removes all air pollutants from the working zone. 

WT-CCZ-1200 is well suited for fumes and dust extraction during MIG/MAG welding processes or inert gas welding with consumable electrodes and machining processes of grinding, polishing and similar. 

The table must be connected to the external air extraction system. It is highly recommended to use SovPlym filter units to clean the air extracted from WT-CCZ-1200.



  • Adjustable height of the table

  • Robust carbon steel grates working surface

  • Equipped with spark-arrester

  • Removable side protection panels

  • Lockable toolbox

  • Delivered with built-in lights



  • Welding processes

  • Machining processes (grinding, polishing, sharpening etc.)


  • Not suitable for thermal metal cutting applications

  • Not suitable for operation in the presence of explosive dust or aerosols or aggressive vapours and gases

Delivery package:

  • Flexible protection screen

  • Luminescent lamp

  • Flanges for air duct connections

  • Withdrawal tray

  • Steel grate

  • Not suitable for extraction of dusts, fumes and gases that tend to smolder and self-ignite

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